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RomAmor-archeology and spirituality

The friendship between Sabrina and Marina, which began ten years ago, thanks to a shared passion for nature, meditation and the beauties of Rome, has allowed their respective professionalism, knowledge and experience to merge into a common "RomAmor" project.

RomaAmor organizes guided tours in Ancient Rome: real paths in the history and beauties of the Eternal City accompanied by moments of reflection and meditation to perceive the spiritual essence of certain places, released by millenary stones, by the vestiges of temples and ancient monuments. The itineraries retrace feasts, celebrations, rituals of the ancient Roman calendar, which was full of appointments with the divine.

Taking its cue from the ancients, for whom everything was sacred and the spiritual life occupied a very significant space so as to influence the political, social, economic and cultural life of an entire civilization, RomaAmor intends to recover the sense of sacredness, of the celebration of every aspect of life and all its manifestations, beyond religious belief.


She is an expert in theosophy, she has a master's degree in Reiki in Brazil. Since 2003, following an initiatory experience in Mexico, she has been communicating with the invisible worlds and with Beings of Light, from which she has received the gift of helping others to evolve spiritually. She teaches courses, group seminars and one-to-one meetings on various topics related to personal development.


She has been working in the tourism sector for over 25 years and since 2011 she is a licensed tour guide of Rome and Lazio, passionate about the history and archeology of Ancient Rome. Since 2010 She has been following paths of meditation and spiritual evolution in Italy and abroad.

RomAmor-tra archeologia e spiritualità 📞 338 941 0906


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