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The Portal of Knowledge brings together professionals working in the field of consultancy and business who have decided to dedicate themselves to the theme of training, culture and social.

The Portal of Knowledge, develops promotes and pursues emotional, social and cultural activities, sustaining research, information, training, consultancy and coaching on thematics concerning the human being in its entirety.

The Association furthermore promotes proper education towards the enviroment with creativity and diversity.

Particular attention is addressed to:

-Promotion of meditation and mindfulness paths with the aim of helping people achieving a general and overall level of well being.

-Study support through the development of "tools and techniques", in order to facilitate students in learning efficently and effectively.

The Portal of Knowledge organizes meetings and events aimed at achieving its object of association in the educational, cultural and social, proposing to the competent authorities projects aimed at the aesthetic and cultural improvement of its territory, also for the enhancement of business activities and craft activities activating every possible form of collaboration with public and private bodies. The Portal of Knowledge also promotes and organizes in collaboration with public and/ or private initiatives (events, seminars, conferences, excursions, public shows, exhibitions, competitions, events, gastronomic fairs  as well as social solidarity initiatives) that serve to disseminate the contents related to its associative object.

The Portal of Knowledge aims to develop solidarity and volunteering as well as social aggregation, with specific proposals for the elderly and women, with the design and implementation of social spaces for education, to the training and recreation of minors, and initiatives to involve the various components of the community also aimed at combating marginalization.


Moreover, the Portal of Knowledge intends to support the organization of tourist itineraries - educational for school groups and adults, exchanges to and from abroad to promote knowledge of the territory, The culture of the same also reconnecting the values of the territory and Italian culture.  Finally, the Portal of Knowledge intends to develop and promote initiatives in the artistic, literary and cultural fields in support of paths of spiritual growth.

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Sabrina Mainolfi

President of the Association

and Director of the project The Portal of Souls

Since I was a child I have shown great empathy for everything that went beyond the visible. At the age of 19, driven by the desire to start an international path, I chose a first degree in Economics and Commerce and a second degree in International Relations, subsequently undertaking an activity that engaged me, over the course of more than 25 years, in national and multinational companies.


I obtained, in 2015, by the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and Mands - Masterandskills, the recognition for excellence in the method and in the training context in the executive Master in International Business Development-Area Middle East. 


In 2019 I decided to undertake a new course of study that began with obtaining  the Cognitive Coaching Seminar Diploma at the Thinking Collaborative Foundation (USA) and ended with a Master in Mindfulness: practice, clinic and neuroscience at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" which allowed me to obtain from the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI) - University of California - the title of Mindfulness Instructor - MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).


Today, I lead mindfulness groups and MBSR courses, as well as individual coaching sessions. In 2020, I participated, as a coach, in the online project "The universe in a room"; promoted by Masterandskills in support of students, during the pandemic, to provide useful tools to understand, transform and organize new models of life and of work.


I am also an expert in the history of religions, ancient civilizations and metaphysics  (Bachelor of Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona, USA). Lastly I chose to dedicate myself to some disciplines that belong to the holistic world: thetahealing basic DNA, akashic records, regression to past lives and karmic knots, aura and chakras, ancient energy healing techniques.


I speak English, French and Spanish and have a basic knowledge of Arabic and Portuguese.


Roberta Crocicchia

Head of Holistic Training Projects

I was born and raised in Rome where I obtained a diploma in Accounting for Programmers at the ITC E. Pertini. After 21 years of service in Alitalia, at the age of 40, I underwent a major life change following the collective dismissal of 2008.

From here I undertook a new profession at the Court of Civitavecchia. Although I have always worked in fields completely different from that of spiritual research, I consider myself a "daughter of art" as my mother became a Yoga teacher in the 70s and I took my first Hatha Yoga lesson at just 7 years old. I grew up in an environment where spirituality, introspection, sensitivity, reincarnation and subtle energies were the norm.

At the age of 17 I began to study and regularly practice Yoga, meditation and chanting of Mantras and Sankirtan at the Yoga Academy in Rome. Over the years I have had the honor of meeting important people including Swami Kryananda (direct disciple of Yogananda), Father Mariano Ballester, Father Anthony Elenjimittan, Swami Chidananda, Sharma Yogi, Swami Subramanyananda (my Sankirtan teacher) and the only one still alive, Sri Swami Yogaswarupanandaji, Master of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Vedanta. In 1995 I obtained my Yoga teacher diploma at the Universal Yoga Institute of Rome and since 1996 and I have been teaching pregnant women Yoga techniques to prepare for childbirth. Since then I have been practicing different types of Yoga for myself and for those who want to share with me its power and its benefits, because Yoga is a philosophy of life, an inner journey that never ends, a constant and daily attitude towards myself.


Gianluca Mainolfi

Responsible for social projects

I was born in Rome in 1971. Since I was young I showed interest in sport, which I practiced at a competitive level, recognizing both the importance of physical activity for achieving the well-being of mind and body and as a value, especially for young people, essential for personal and collective growth.

I obtained my scientific high school diploma in 1990 and subsequently I completed my military service in the Carabinieri 1991 - 1992 whose intentions and values I still share today through voluntary work in the ANC in Rome.

I attended two training courses in the years 1992 - 1993, obtaining the title of Expert in human resources management and  a certificate in C ++ language. In 1994 I was hired by the Banca di Roma today Unicredit, where I held many operational roles, including that of internal security specialist.

Since 2008 I have been taking care of my disabled child, covering the role of caregiver, carrying out an awareness campaign aimed at the scholastic and social inclusion of disabled children, comparing myself with the world of school, with the staff of the ASL and the Municipality in order to improve the assistance and rehabilitation system of the territory.

From 2014 to 2015 I held the role of union manager and I participated in the operational round tables of the Disability Council at the Ministry of Labor.   In the same period I participated in the working group at the Council of Disability of the Municipality IX. I am currently enrolled in the lists of individual citizens at the Capitoline Council.

Always attentive to the needs and requirements of the most vulnerable and also as a result of my important and painful life experiences, I have been led to conceive the culture of attention to others as a fundamental path to lead today.


Silvano Pasquali

Councilor Treasurer

I was born as a craftsman in the field of fabrics and interior design. I have always carried out my work with passion and enthusiasm, deepening and selecting each novelty so as to be able to understand and anticipate the trends in the sector.


I held the position of President of the Bracciano Merchants Association for five years which allowed me to dedicate myself to the development of projects for small and medium-sized enterprises and initiatives aimed at improving the commercial network of the territory.


In 2003 I started a path of spiritual growth that led me to attend a specialized school Italian Academy of Holistic Philosophy, in Rome, where I chose a specialization in Mediterranean flower therapy: Sardinian and Bach flowers.


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