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The Portal of Souls

The Portal of Souls is a project shared by some professionals operating in the world of consulting and business  who over the years  tested themselves with holistic training courses to help themselves first and then to help others finding their own journey, that of the soul, in the perspective of an evolutionary process that accompanies the material to the spiritual.

The project provides training and information necessary for the growth of the soul supporting a model of reality that passes from competition to collaboration.

The training and information path that touches the mind, soul and body, is accompanied by consulting and coaching services directed to the person for a support to the development of thought, the growth of the spirit and the care of the body.


The innovative format facilitates learning, awareness, use and enhancement of their potential for personal development, rebirth and achievement of happiness and well-being.


Here are some of the topics discussed: the Akasha and the registers, the journey of the soul, the female and male archetypes, the wounds of the soul, the regression to past lives, the art of manifesting, the power for well-being, Crystal Therapy and Chromotherapy and Theta Healing.

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