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Cultivate the presence of inner light within you

Spiritual Sunday Message

di Sabrina Mainolfi

As the Bible states: "What profiteth a man if he gaineth the world and loseth his soul?”A person can focus on material possessions and still thrive, by virtue of the fact that all energy and attention are directed to materiality, to profit, to money.

Without spirituality in one's life and focusing solely on money, there may be a tendency to engage in deceptive business practices, entering a state of mental self-centeredness where morality and ethics are lacking.

In this state of mind, one can truly gain the world in one's own way, but lose one's soul in the process. This is the path taken by so many people in the world today. They have an "anything goes" attitude as long as they can thrive from it. As a result, most lose love, peace of mind, health, and other characteristics of true human wealth.

Although prosperity is not the first priority in a mystic's life, many have become prosperous through their love and the practice of higher spiritual truth. The highest spiritual truth, of course, is that God is within you, and your highest or truest self is one with God in the consciousness of your mind. The more this truth becomes real to you, or anyone else, the greater the prosperity. Prosperity consciousness generates prosperity in material form.

Christ advised: "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything will be given to you in addition." He also said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." The best way to first seek the Presence of God or the Kingdom of Heaven is through meditation. The type of meditation referred to here is more mystical or oriental, where the purpose or goal is to have direct contact with the higher consciousness which is God or Universal Mind and Spirit within you. Such contact on a daily basis attunes you to - and maintains your attunement with - the higher consciousness in your mind, which is God or the Source of Consciousness. In this higher consciousness energy flow, thought energy intuitively enters your conscious mind as a guide on how to thrive.

If you are meditating every day and have achieved this state of mind of flexibility and adaptability, you can handle almost anything that may seem to have to do with your prosperity. The method of telepathic travel is through the medium of the Universal or Divine Mind. The more you meditate, the more abundance of God becomes part of the energies of your thoughts. The Light of God at the center of your mind can travel to other levels of your consciousness. In so doing, it sublimates or transforms obscured poverty or thoughtless energies into Light. The Light that is God contains the universe within itself, and therefore is prosperity itself.

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