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Antonio Casale - Project Director "Studying with passion"

I attended the Military Academy and the Application School, earning a degree in Strategic Sciences from the University of Turin.

In almost forty years of experience gained in both operational and training environments and for staff training, at increasingly greater levels of responsibility and complexity, in stimulating national and multinational contexts, I was able to learn and deepen some methodologies concerning the professional areas. In addition to purely professional needs, I have developed a purely personal interest in procedures, theoretical or practical, established in order to ensure the satisfactory result of a job or a complex of activities.

Starting from the study of the methodologies for the solution of operational problems also used in other armies or coalitions, I have also been interested in the reticular programming techniques, strategic reading and methods for the study, also trying to know the evolution of the concept of method. In this research, I came to the thought of René Descartes, the great European mathematician who with his work "Discourse on the Method" contributed to the birth of modern thought.

In recent years I have developed the idea that "it is never too early" to begin to know and apply "the method" to study, to write, to think, to obtain better results in various disciplines and from this initial idea the project "Studying with passion". The project is aimed at primary and secondary school children, in order to stimulate their awareness that every study objective can be effectively achieved with commitment and method.


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