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Marica Montalbano - Journalist

I was born in Rome, after classical studies I enrolled at the University the study of Political Sciences with an international political focus.

In 1988 I started writing about theater and television, collaborating with Ciao 2001, a national musical reference for young people of those years.

Shortly after I moved to Lombardy, continuing to write for various Lombard newspapers and collaborating with Il Corriere della Sera and Il Giornale; at the same time I followed some press offices.

In the mid-2000s I moved to the Marche where I started a small publishing company, an online newspaper from which I follow and tell readers the life that unfolds south of Ancona.

In recent years I have been interested in training in schools, launching some projects aimed at students of lower and upper secondary schools and primary schools.

I am convinced that a conscious citizen, and therefore a better, more liveable and respectful world, passes away from the work that is done on the very young generations.

A job that cannot be exclusively didactic but one that allows a harmonious and balanced growth.

I am passionate about music, animals and nature.


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